Simanjuntak & Partners

Founder and Managing Partner

Timoty Ezra Simanjuntak, SH.MH.IPC.CPM.CRA.CLA.CCCS.​

Founder and Managing Partner


He has an extensive experience in law practice since 2009 and decided to establish S&P Law Office in 2015.

As a managing partner with more than 10 years of law practice experience, he has expertise in all legal sectors. He gained his exceptional skill from previous works in Johnson Panjaitan Law Office, Law Firm Duma & Co and Juniver Girsang Law Office.

He has broad experience advising and handling clients from a wide range of sectors in criminal law, corruption, civil, commercial, property claim matters, divorce matters, drafting for labor union, and legal audit for company. He is also renowned by his expertise in handling bankruptcy cases and also registered Intellectual Property Right Consultant and actively advise client for various Intelectual property matters, from protection, transaction and litigation ascpect

In Corporate law matter, he has experience in handling several companies related legal issues in companies, including clients business agreement.


  • Bachelor of Law, Trisakti University
  • Master of Law, GadjahMada University
  • Intellectual Property Rights Course by Directorate General Intellectual Property
    collaboration with Trisakti University


  • Certified as Administrator and Curator Issued by HKPI
  • Certified Mediator
  • Certified Legal Auditor
  • Certified Construction Contract Specialist


  • Member of Indonesia Bar Association (PERADI)
  • Member of Association of Legal Consultant of Intellectual Property or Asosiasi Konsultan Hukum Kekayaan Intelektual (AKHKI)
  • Member of Association of Indonesian Legal Auditors or Asosiasi Auditor Hukum Indonesia (ASAHI)
  • Member of Association of Indonesian Receivers & Administrators or Himpunan Kurator & Pengurus Indonesia (HKPI)
  • Trisakti University Alumni Association of Consultants & Intellectual Property Observer
  • Himpunan Konsultan & Pemerhati Kekayaan Intelektual Alumni Universitas Trisakti (HIKAT)
  • Member of Indonesian Association of Drafter and Contract Specialist or Perkumpulan Perancang dan Ahli Hukum Kontrak Indonesia (PAHKI)

Practice Areas

  • Criminal Law,

  • Civil Law,

  • Family Law,

  • Business Law,

  • Intellectual Property Law,

  • Labor and Property-related Dispute,

  • Bankruptcy,

  • corruption,

  • money laundering,

  • cybercrime and corporate crime

  • Languages : English – Bahasa Indonesia

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